Revol Greens Expands to Dollar General

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Mon. April 15th, 2024 - by Chandler James

MEDFORD, MN - Affordable, high-quality greens are coming to Dollar General stores nationwide. Revol Greens recently announced it will be expanding its footprint, ensuring all communities across the United States have access to greens and salad kits.

“By making nutritious greens readily available in communities that may have limited access to fresh produce, Revol Greens and Dollar General are leveling the playing field and promoting healthier lifestyles for all,” Revol Greens said in its announcement to the industry.

Revol Greens will be expanding its footprint to Dollar General, ensuring that all communities have access to greens and salad kits

Of the 19,000 Dollar Generals across the nation, 5,000 locations will now offer Revol Greens fresh greens and salad kits, the announcement stated. This partnership is not just about convenience; it's about equity and empowerment within the community, particularly those with limited access to fresh produce.

With Dollar General continuing to expand its produce portfolio, ANUK will report.