San Miguel Produce Refreshes its Organic Cut 'N Clean Line

Wed. August 22nd, 2018
- by Kayla Webb     

OXNARD, CA - Everybody is into health these days, and as a consumer, I have to admit; I’m drawn to companies who are on my side when it comes to championing the healthiest option. While San Miguel Produce has been offering fresh, healthy greens for a while now, the company is doubling its efforts to place nutrition at the forefront of shopping habits by launching new packaging for its Cut ‘N Clean label this summer.

Megan Ichimoto, Marketing Supervisor, San Miguel Produce“San Miguel’s new packaging direction is the result of a recent in-depth study we commissioned through a USDA grant that investigated the nutritional value of dark leafy greens. Our goal is to provide consumers with information that relates to their lifestyle and helps them make choices based not only on taste, but health, too,” Megan Ichimoto, Marketing Supervisor, tells me.

After kicking off its organic label Cut ‘N Clean in 1995, San Miguel refreshed its packaging for its washed and ready-to-use bagged organic cooking greens to enhance the nutritional messaging and adapt to consumer demographic needs. This included adding a Non-GMO Project verified label and other nutritional messaging to the packaging via “Did You Know?” health facts—like “Did you know kale has 50 percent more potassium per calorie than a banana?” Megan notes that this messaging will help consumers understand the benefits of greens and integrate healthy food items into their lives even more.

San Miguel is switching to bags instead of clamshells as part of its brand refresh

“Dark leafy greens have evolved over the last two decades from being primarily just a plate garnish. As the category innovator, San Miguel has continued to evolve with consumer trends to remain relevant and provide solutions that meet consumers’ needs, including altering our pack sizes and varieties, bolstering organic, coming up with new blends, emphasizing non-GMO transparency, and more,” Megan tells me. “With our new direction of healthy lifestyle information and packaging revisions, we are still keeping the packaging true to the traditional Cut ‘N Clean brand that has been important to consumers for 20 years, while also enhancing it.”

Part of the refresh has included ditching the clamshell for a 5-ounce bag in order to provide a better retail price point, target a smaller household size, and offer a 2-3 portion serving size that can eliminate waste by encouraging consumers to use the entire bag. The packaging is also now white, creating a more modern look that will contrast the leafy greens inside and make San Miguel stand out on the shelf.

As part of the refresh, San Miguel is including health facts for different lifestyles on its new organics packaging

In conjunction with the new packaging, San Miguel also started a #HealthyMyWay consumer marketing campaign to showcase how the new pack size makes it easy for consumers to get creative with their culinary pursuits. The campaign includes recipes for pastas, salads, sautés, and more, and tips that celebrate the culinary versatility of greens.

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