Sanguinetti Family Farms Now Harvesting Red Walnut Crop

Fri. October 10th, 2014
- by Kyle Braver     

LINDEN, CA - Sanguinetti Family Farms is currently harvesting this fall’s Red Walnut crop in Linden, California. 

Celebrating the start of harvest season, Ron and Chris Sanguinetti, cousins and growers, were featured on “Good Day Sacramento” to discuss the crop and what the company has to offer.  Check out the video here:

“We came across these walnuts when I was working about 10 years ago and realized no one else has them,” the cousins shared. The two were immediately struck by their uniqueness and amazing potential for consumers, chefs, and bakers of all stripes, as well as the potential Red Walnut could have during Christmas time.

Rex Lawrence, President of Sanguinetti’s sales and marketing partner, iFresh Sales, appeared on a later airing and discussed the company’s growing domestic and international sales in retail and food service.  Check out that video of Rex on the show here:

Rex Lawrence, iFresh Sales President"Yields appear to be good this year, and the quality and color of the nuts are beautiful," Lawrence shared. “Based on customer feedback and sales, we expect a good selling season. Our peak selling period starts in mid-November and extends through Valentines Day in order to take full advantage of the winter holidays, January's salad season, and Valentine's Day baking. As our crop grows, the season will continue to extend.”

According to a press release, Red Walnuts are all-natural, non-GMO and have a less bitter taste than regular walnuts.  The company has limited supplies and will continue selling this season’s crop until supplies are sold out.

Sanguinetti Family Farms