Shanley Farms Touts Range of Products to Suit Consumer Needs

Wed. August 19th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

MORRO BAY, CA - Getting insight into the mind of the consumer is a major key to staying on top of your game in this industry. As COVID-19 has thrown all of us for a loop, wants and needs have evolved, and with that has come a change in consumer patterns. A recent study showed that a high percentage of shoppers are now searching for healthy ingredients, above all else, when they go to the grocery store. When Shanley Farms heard this news, Megan Shanley Warren, Sales, and Marketing, and her team jumped at the opportunity to tout its range of nutrient-rich products, and give consumers exactly what they were looking for.

Megan Shanley Warren, Sales and Marketing, Shanley Farms“Here at Shanley Farms, we are big believers in communicating directly with our consumer fans. We reach out and communicate on a regular basis with all the consumers that have been buying our Citriburst Finger Limes,” said Shanley Warren. “We call them our Citriburst Champions.”

Shanley Farms’ Citriburst Finger Limes are not only unique in appearance, but also offer a high dose of vitamin C, which is known to boost the immune system, according to a press release. As the pandemic continues to affect the daily lives of consumers, products that offer health benefits—especially an immunity boost—are grabbing the attention across the produce aisles.

Shanley Farms is providing a range of nutrient-rich products at retail

To play off of the draw to healthy, fresh ingredients, Shanely Farms has begun implementing further retail strategies to catch the eye of shoppers everywhere.

“Our Morro Bay Avocado season is approaching, we have alerted our Citriburst fans asking them to share with family and friends the unique quality of our Morro Bay Avocados. We have also shared with our fans and asked them to share with their friends and family the retail banners that are planning to carry our Morro Bay Avocado program,” explained Shanley Warren. “In these days of electronic connection versus personal interaction, we are finding people actively looking for new experiences to share. With this in mind, we are also working with HarvestMark’s QR code program to convey a greater depth of product information directly to consumers in order to enrich their experience with Shanley Farms product.”

In addition to its in-store marketing strategies, Shanley has introduced new product lines into the mix, especially as more people are also looking for ease in their hectic daily lives.

Shanley Farms is employing unique marketing strategies and introducing new product lines to showcase its Citriburst Finger Limes, Morro Bay Avocado, and a host of other family-branded produce

To provide consumers with new offerings, the company has established subscription boxes that are shipped from Shanley Farms. The boxes include not only the popular finger limes, but also the Morro Bay Avocados, as well as a host of other family-branded produce. The boxes are accompanied by recipes that show customers how to use Shanley’s produce to create delicious meals.

“By combining our farm’s production, including both Citriburst and our Morro Bay Avocados in recipes, it provides both fun and versatile ways to use our products from smoothies and snacks to main courses and desserts.”

As the industry continues to overcome the wild changes of the day, Shanley Farms has shown that it will continue to serve its consumers in the best way possible. All of us in the produce industry know that to adapt is to succeed, and we will continue to do just that.

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