Side Delights® by Fresh Solutions Network Turns Mega Trends into Dollars at Retail

Mon. July 3rd, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - There’s a lot of power in the potato. Americans eat an average of 142 pounds of potatoes per year, or almost 365 potatoes per person. That’s an average of a potato a day! With over $2.4 billion in sales, potatoes are firmly in the top three highest grossing vegetable categories. And in fact, shoppers who buy potatoes have a dollar ring of more than twice the average shopping trip. 

So, how can you tap into this persuasive potato purchasing power? Join us as we discuss What’s In Store for Side Delights brand of potatoes, exclusively distributed by the Fresh Solutions Network.

Side Delights Products

With Side Delights line of potatoes, retailers can easily translate mega trends towards convenience, global flavors, and inspired meal solutions into increased ring at the register. Including Flavorables, Roastables, Steamables, and beyond, Side Delights has the perfect product line to meet every type of consumers’ demands.

The newest product in the company’s ever-growing line, Flavorables are microwavable 1 lb trays that take on popular new flavor trends in an eye-catching, brightly colored package. Including Smokin’ Tomato, Chimichurri, and Malaysian Curry, this Side Delights brand jumps off the shelves and into the shopping carts of convenience-driven consumers everywhere looking for a punch of flavor.

Seasoning Side Delights

Roastables are simple to prepare in the oven or grill, with a no clean up option that feature bold, global flavors to spice up consumers’ favorite side dish! Delicious potatoes seasoned with adventurous Montana Mex seasoned salts, Roastables deliver a burst of flavor in its own convenient roasting tray. Just roast, season, and eat!

Steamables, the number one selling microwaveable steam product line on the market, includes 6 SKUs of ready-to-steam in the bag, triple washed potato options. Retailers that carry Side Delights Steamables products are proven to have higher dollar and volume velocity in the potato category overall.

With the help of Side Delights line of consumer crave-able products, the power of the potato can be yours!

Thank you for watching What’s In Store. 

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