Side Delights® Offers Solutions for Post-Pandemic Consumer Demand; Kathleen Triou Comments

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Thu. October 14th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The retail landscape has inevitably changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and some of those changes are seeming to be long-term. While restrictions may be lifting and restaurants reopening, many consumers are continuing to make grocery shopping and cooking at home a priority, and Side Delights® has all-day solutions to help companies capitalize on this demand.

Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Solutions Network"With many consumers still working from home, they are also preparing more meals at home. Potatoes are an economical, versatile, and sustainable ingredient that can be incorporated into any meal, any time of day," noted Kathleen Triou, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Solutions Network. "Shoppers can buy a 5 lb bag of Side Delights potatoes and use the whole bag, creating healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

In a recent press release, Fresh Solutions Network revealed that, out of 13 categories—including vacations, clothing and accessories, beauty products, alcoholic drinks, restaurant food, leisure and entertainment, home improvement products, non-alcoholic drinks, technology and communications, personal care products, healthcare and OTC products, groceries, and household care products—groceries ranked the highest, with 42 percent of consumers stating they are a higher priority than they were pre-pandemic.

As consumers continue to explore their kitchens and recipes, Side Delights® has all-day solutions to help companies capitalize on the demand for the staple potato category

As demand for healthy, sustainable, home-cooked meals continues to grow, groceries are becoming more important to shoppers, especially as the virtual work environment lends itself to eating at home rather than breakfast on the way to the office or lunch out with coworkers.

To capitalize on this steadily rising demand, Side Delights has solutions that directly align with shoppers' post-pandemic spending and shopping trends. Whether they enjoy a healthy Hash Brown Breakfast Bowl, take a creative spin on traditional hot dogs with Grilled Spud Dogs, or tap into the holiday spirit with a delicious Potato and Turkey Pot Pie, consumers will find all the joy of eating healthy and at home through these unique offerings.

With groceries ranking as the highest priority category, Fresh Solutions Network can help drive sales as demand for healthy, sustainable, home-cooked meals continues to grow and consumers throw a creative spin on traditional dishes

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