SmartWash Solutions™ Brings Highest Level of Food Safety to Europe

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Fri. March 22nd, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

NIJVERDAL, NETHERLANDS - SmartWash Solutions™ is heading to the Old World! As part of its latest European expansion plan, SmartWash set up a new headquarters in Nijverdal, Netherlands, for a boots-on-the-ground approach to advancing food safety technology to more markets.

SmartWash has developed, according to a press release, groundbreaking advancements in food safety technology by combining science, technology, and engineering. As a result, the company has brought Pinpoint Process Control™ to food processing wash systems all over North America and now, as a part of its expansion strategy, SmartWash will be helping to decrease cross contamination and improve the management of food safety systems in Europe.

Steven Swarts, Director of Business Development, SmartWash Solutions™"When we saw the revolutionary impact of our products in the United States, it became clear the technology was essential to be shared across Europe," said Steven Swarts, Director of Business Development. "This led us to the creation of SmartWash Solutions B.V., the headquarters for the business unit in Europe. SmartWash Solutions has already helped to provide billions of safe servings across the world. But now we have the ability to support our customers with boots on the ground in Europe."

SmartWash® was originally developed by a U.S. fresh-cut food processor. Now the product will be supporting the European fresh cut industry. And, thanks to its new headquarters in the Netherlands, the company can cut lead time and transportation costs in the new market.

Ewoud Buter, General Manager, SmartWash Solutions™"Our goal is to bring the highest level of food safety to processors worldwide. Our scientists and engineers use the research gained from our pilot plant to understand exactly what is needed on the production floor, and how the technology performs in operational environments, before we bring anything to market," said Ewoud Buter, General Manager of SmartWash Solutions BV, before noting that the company still uses its original pilot plant to research and develop technologies on an industrial scale.

Since its inception, SmartWash has tested and proven its products are effective in U.S.- and European-based laboratory studies and food processing operations.

As part of its latest European expansion plan, SmartWash set up a new headquarters in Nijverdal, Netherlands

"The system provides a significantly higher level of process control to water chemistry, mitigating cross-contamination, while potentially improving operational costs such as labor, chemical use, and water," continued Buter. "We provide processors with an integrated system and full-service partnership, including state-of-the-art equipment, expert calibration and maintenance, extensive training, and easy integration into existing wash line systems."

SmartWash’s technologies are now available across Europe.

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