Southern Specialties Enters Holiday Promotions Amidst Tightening Market

Mon. November 9th, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

POMPANO BEACH, FL - The chilly weather is working its way through the States as the country and the fresh produce industry march into November, which means it’s Peruvian asparagus season for Southern Specialties! As the grower preps itself for Thanksgiving demand, I got in touch with Charlie Eagle, Vice President of Business Development, to see where the spears are at in the season and what retailers should expect to hit their shelves for holiday promotions.

Charlie Eagle, Vice President of Business Development, Southern Specialties“We are fortunate to have good-quality product again this year. So far, the weather has been cooperating for the most part,” Charlie tells me. “The market recently tightened up some as Mexico has produced less than planned. Right now, while volume in Peru is slightly lower than last year, we are having a very stable season and expect a smooth transition into the Thanksgiving pull.”

As Thanksgiving inches ever closer, the grower expects its asparagus offering will be on track with holiday promotions.

Southern Specialties is currently in its Peruvian asparagaus season and expects a smooth transition into the Thanksgiving pull

“We expect demand will go up in time for Thanksgiving. Pricing will largely be dependent on Mexican production, and we see Peru will have steady volumes,” says Charlie. “We are hoping everyone has a safe and satisfying Thanksgiving.”

Southern Specialties currently grows out of Peru and Mexico, which provides the grower with year-round asparagus availability. This also allows the grower to offer the much-needed variety in asparagus consumers are looking for.

The market recently tightened up some as Mexican production was less than planned, but Southern Specialties is having a stable Peruvian season, which contributes to the grower's year-round asparagus availability

“We know, just like with many things, there is no ‘one size fits all’ for the asparagus consumer. That’s why we offer a variety of pack styles, sizes, and levels of added value in our Southern Selects asparagus lineup,” Charlie explains to me.

November may have just started, but the holidays will be here before you know it! Stay ahead of the game with ANUK.

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