Spice World Discusses Providing Quality Garlic Options Year-Round

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Tue. October 11th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

ORLANDO, FL – Welcome to What’s In Store.

With 67 years of business success under our garlic belts, at Spice World we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art operations, from the beginning soil level to the end store level, providing America with its favorite quality garlic products year-round.

Currently in the midst of harvesting our 2016 crop from California, Spice World garlic is grown in the San Joaquin Valley to offer consumers both conventional and organic selection throughout the seasons.

Spice World is able to retain a supply of premium garlic by properly storing it in our leading-edge coolers, specially designed for the exact storage specifications that garlic needs.

These fresh selections from California are supplemented throughout the year with imported crops from around the globe to ensure our customers receive the freshest crops whenever they need.

Our offices and distribution centers span the length of the country from coast to coast, to better offer a range of Spice World products to display at the retail level. 

Have your consumers craving to spice up their lives with selections extending beyond just our fresh garlic. Whether you like it jarred, peeled, or squeezed, answer your garlic needs with our range of products including specialty products, shallots, and squeezed ginger. 

With three generations of family owned and operated garlic affairs, you can trust Spice World to continuously fulfill your every flavor demand. 

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