Stemilt Growers Launches "Swing into Spring" Apple Promotion

Tue. February 9th, 2016
- by Jessica Donnel     

WENATCHEE, WA - Spring’s official start is near, and with produce departments welcoming the warming weather, Stemilt is ready to help with its newly launched “Swing into Spring” apples promotion. 

Brianna Shales, Stemilt’s Communications Manager, says that this “Swing into Spring” promotion was designed to help retailers promote the great quality of available Stemilt apples, and bring a seasonal, springtime look to apple displays. 

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, Stemilt

“March, April and May are important months for the apple category in produce departments across the U.S., contributing 6% of total department sales on average,” she says. “Our 'Swing into Spring' promotion features apples in a whimsical scene and will help retailers keep the momentum going on their apple sales in the final stretch before summer.”


Stemilt says its “Swing into Spring” promotion is perfect for bulk ads on such seasonal varieties as Pink Lady®, and the company’s signature apple, Piñata®. Retailers can use the spring-themed campaign for either in-and-out promotions or in-store specials around any of the following:

  • Piñata® 3lb. Lil Snappers® 
  • Pink Lady® 3lb. Lil Snappers®
  • 5lb. Fresh Blenders™

Stemilt's Piñata Apples

“Piñata® and Pink Lady® are great high-flavor varieties that consumers love anytime they are available, but the spring is an especially great time to promote these two apples with our best quality fruit being packed and shipped fresh out of storage,” Shales adds. “Lil Snappers® and Fresh Blenders™ are ideal for boosting tonnage in the apple category by increasing the average purchase size while simultaneously promoting the intended use of the product to consumers.” 

Stemilt recommends its “Swing into Spring” promotion between March 15-April 30, and the company is offering retailers with support in the form of merchandising assets, including POS signage and social media content. 

For more information on “Swing into Spring,” contact your Stemilt representative.

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