Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops and CropTrak Partner to Create Stewardship Calculator 2.0; Alison Edwards and Aaron Hutchinson Share

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Tue. November 23rd, 2021
- by Jordan Okumura     

CALABASAS, CA & TUSCON, AZ - Technology reigns supreme when it comes to enhancing and improving ag practices today and addressing a dynamic future we so excitedly anticipate. One such company throwing its hat further into the agtech ring is the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC), which has revealed a partnership with CropTrak—a cloud technology company digitally connecting global food companies’ supply processes to ensure efficiency and transparency. The partnership will accelerate the adoption of the new Stewardship Calculator 2.0 across the specialty food supply chain.

Alison Edwards, Director, Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops“As the industry responds to climate change and shifting consumer demand, our partners asked for a credible, easy-to-use data solution to track stewardship practices from farm to fork,” Alison Edwards, Director of SISC, stated. “Thanks to CropTrak’s generous partnership, we had the opportunity to leverage their industry-leading platform and deep supply chain data insights to update key metrics and implement more efficient workflows to help accelerate adoption by growers and their supply chain partners.”

According to the company, here is a little background on The Stewardship Calculator 2.0:

  • Enables fruit, nut, and vegetable growers; grower groups; brands; buyers; and NGOs to baseline the environmental impacts of crop production and identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Used to track on-farm water, energy/GHG, fertilizer use efficiency, and soil organic matter, as well as biodiversity, food waste, and irrigation efficiency
  • Provides a single third-party validator to sustainability metrics that can be communicated transparently among peer groups and supply chain partners

Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops has partnered with CropTrak to accelerate the adoption of the new Stewardship Calculator 2.0 across the specialty food supply chain

SISC is a multi-stakeholder initiative with growers, grower groups, brands, buyers, and NGOs. The SISC is dedicated to developing tools for measuring on-farm sustainability performance across the specialty crop supply chain.

Aaron Hutchinson, President, CropTrak“Sustainability metrics are a critical part of the overall food story. CropTrak helps global food companies solve complex supply challenges through data collection and analytics every day. CropTrak’s team of engineers and data scientists are proud to support SISC and create a tool that can be used to deepen the trust and communications between growers, companies, and consumers,” said Aaron Hutchinson, President, CropTrak.

Times are a-changing. The best of the best will continue to evolve as well—and partnerships like these are a tool to garner in this immense time of change.

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