Summer Citrus From South Africa's Suhanra Conradie Shines a Light on Key Partnerships; Charles Gantz and Leo Holt Discuss

Wed. July 28th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA - As retailers set out to create a bold and vibrant showcase of refreshing citrus varieties in the produce department, Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) is here to answer their wishes. Thanks to the unique group of partners that comprise its integrated global supply system, the supplier has revealed a successful 2021 program, offering buyers a fresh and favorable opportunity to revitalize summer displays.

Suhanra Conradie, Chief Executive Officer, Summer Citrus from South Africa“SCSA does not aim to compete with the domestic season but rather complement and provide high quality, flavorful fruit during the off months,” said Suhanra Conradie, Chief Executive Officer of SCSA. “Positioned with the consumer in mind, we anticipate the U.S. shopper’s needs with a demand-driven business model that assures a sustainable amount of quality fruit.”

Suhanra illustrated that the impressive outcome of SCSA’s 2021 season thus far is a direct result of its formidable alliance with a team of growers, importers, local and global officials, and logistics and marketing teams that make up its entire global system. These esteemed partners allow SCSA to effectively manage its production based on demand, sustainably providing retailers with a steady citrus supply.

Thanks to the unique group of partners that comprise its integrated global supply system, SCSA has revealed a successful 2021 program, offering buyers a fresh opportunity to revitalize summer displays

Among SCSA’s dynamic set of alliances are Anlin Shipping and specialized reefer Seatrade, which first joined forces with the citrus supplier in 2010. The company operates within an integrated global supply system, in which Anlin/Seatrade charter the dedicated Summer Citrus conventional vessels, and the fruit is received at the Port of Philadelphia, operated by Holt Logistics. This unique system positions the global supply chain, which has been under an enormous amount of pressure since the outbreak of the pandemic, for success.

Charles Gantz, Managing Director, Anlin Shipping and South African Representative, Seatrade“Despite challenges and limitations, the Summer Citrus from South Africa Group has this very unique way of bringing the best out of all its members and service providers,” said Charles Gantz, Managing Director of Anlin Shipping and South African Representative for Seatrade. “Anlin Shipping is proud to be involved with this program and unique brand of producers, exporters, and all of the other role players. We have a very special and open line of communication with Suhanra and her team, which simplifies matters even further.”

With a supply program based on demand and detailed, strategic planning, SCSA delivers what its retail partners need without wasting food and fuel. The company remains a reliable supplier of high-quality citrus, building strong relationships across its dynamic team of growers, importers, marketers, and logistics professionals.

Leo Holt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Holt Logistics“Having Summer Citrus from South Africa in your market is like welcoming a friend back into your home after a long time away. Every part of the arrival of its shipments is a homecoming, married with the assurance of healthy, fresh, and sustainable produce,” said Leo Holt, President and CEO of Holt Logistics.

Having partners you can depend on is critical to success in the fresh produce industry, and Summer Citrus from South Africa is definitely a player you should have in your corner.

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