Sun Pacific Showcases Vintage Sweet Navel Oranges in Behind-the-Scenes Video

Thu. February 16th, 2017
- by ANUK Staff     

PASADENA, CA - In our sun-soaked orchards, located in the ideal growing conditions of California's San Joaquin Valley, you'll find row after row of Vintage Sweets Heirloom Navel Oranges, grown only from carefully cultivated root stock.

Walking these old line groves, our field experts hand-select the fruit, testing it for peak sugar and perfect flavor right there in the cool shadows of the citrus belt.

Only when they're ready do we bring them to the packing house, where they are washed, carefully sorted, and packed by hand. Guided by precise quality control standards, we minimize the time it takes to get from our family farm to families across the country.

And though they don't see all the work behind the scenes, they know the Vintage Sweets Navel guarantees the deliciously sweet taste they love.

Vintage Sweets. Taste the Difference.

Sun Pacific