Sunkist Growers and Rouses Markets Nab Guinness World Records™ Title for Largest Display of Citrus Fruits; Jim Phillips and Donny Rouse Share

Thu. January 27th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

METAIRIE, LA - Sunkist Growers and Rouses Markets are adding another achievement to their trophy cases as the dynamic duo earned the official Guinness World Records title for the largest display of citrus fruits in a Louisiana Rouses store.

Jim Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sunkist Growers“The start of the new year brings with it a desire to eat healthier, and vitamin C and other key nutrients are top-of-mind for so many consumers,” added Jim Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sunkist Growers. “Our fresh citrus cooperative is excited to join forces with Rouses Markets in achieving a new world record—it goes hand-in-hand with our Peel Good Citrus campaign focused on getting fresh citrus into the hands of consumers around the world.”

Shipped directly from California’s citrus groves, the display features over 40,000 pounds of fresh Sunkist® Navel, Blood, and Cara Cara oranges. Sidling up next to the oranges are Sunkist California Mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, and Minneola tangelos.

Donny Rouse, Chief Executive Officer, Rouses Markets“World records are a fun way to promote produce,” said Donny Rouse, Chief Executive Officer of Rouses Markets. “Citrus is a big part of our Eat Right with Rouses program, and our in-house registered dietitian was on hand to discuss citrus nutrition and the health benefits that citrus can provide. We invite everyone to be a part of the celebration, as the record-breaking fruit made its way to over 60 Rouses Markets locations following the event.”

With over 100,000 individual pieces of citrus making up the record-breaking display, curious shoppers got to witness an impressive mountain of colorful, juicy fruit.

James Breuhl, Vice President of Fresh, Rouses MarketsJames Breuhl, Vice President of Fresh at Rouses Markets added, “Earning a Guinness Worlds Records title for the Largest Display of Citrus Fruits is incredibly exciting! It took a tremendous amount of creativity, planning, collaboration, muscle, and know-how from both Rouses Markets and Sunkist Growers to pull this all together. It’s partnerships like these that give the produce industry a lot to look forward to.”

As Breuhl noted above, this historic achievement wouldn't be possible without a team of over a dozen produce merchandisers, masterfully crafting the citrus grove scene in only eight hours at Rouses Markets #33 in Metairie, LA.

Sunkist Growers and Rouses Markets recenty earned the official Guinness World Records™ title for the largest display of citrus fruits in a Louisianna Rouses store

According to a recent study, noted the release, eating healthier is the number one reason to buy citrus. This newly awarded title provides Rouses Markets and Sunkist Growers with an opportunity to educate consumers on the nutritional value found in citrus and each variety’s unique flavor profile.

As this is display goes into Guinness’ record book, the same can also go down in Sunkist Growers’ own books as the grower’s first Guinness record and as the third for Rouses Markets. This isn’t the grocer’s first rodeo, as it holds titles for the largest display of artichokes and the largest display of avocados.

Congratulations to both Sunkist and Rouses as they elevate fresh produce in new and exciting ways!

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