Sunkist Growers' Christina Ward Discusses Summer Grapefruit Season

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Fri. May 10th, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

VALENCIA, CA - Growing up, there was nothing better than enjoying a Saturday morning cartoon marathon while feasting on halved grapefruits. Even though I wasn’t familiar with the term “boujee” in my adolescence, I couldn’t help but feel particularly decadent with a grapefruit in hand. The reason I share this story is in honor of the start of the summer grapefruit season, which Christina Ward, Director of Communications, assured me will have all of North America’s grapefruit consumers feeling bad and boujee.

Christina Ward, Director of Communications, Sunkist“While Sunkist grapefruit is available year-round, we are just getting started with our summer grapefruit season,” Christina told me. “This season, we’re seeing an increase in volume of most of our varieties, with summer grapefruit volume coming in with similar numbers to last year’s.”

Sunkist is especially excited for its California Star Ruby and Marsh grapefruit varieties; Sunkist’s California Star Ruby is available now, with the Marsh grapefruit available this summer through October—long live summer! Christina revealed that the company expects both varieties to return strong to the retail scene with the usual high-quality flavor and quality many of us have come to expect from Sunkist.

While Sunkist grapefruit is available year-round, the grower is just getting started with its summer grapefruit season

Because California has experienced a particularly wishy-washy spring, with hot and cold spells seeming to settle into our growing regions interchangeably each week, I had to ask Christina how Sunkist has fared with the wonky weather. But Sunkist is nothing if not one to roll with the punches, so Christina had nothing but positive news.

“To date, the heavy California rainfall has enabled growth with California Star Ruby Grapefruit. As a result, Sunkist is anticipating medium to large-size fruit offerings for our grapefruit varieties, and even our other citrus categories,” Christina said.

All of this just to say: Get ready for summer grapefruit because Sunkist has another great season heading retailers' and consumers' way!

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