SUNSET® Dill It Yourself™ Pickle Kits Win Awards at PMA Fresh Summit 2016

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Wed. October 19th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

KINGSVILLE, ON- When it comes to product innovation and creativity, SUNSET® Produce is continuing to raise the bar, and this time with the company’s new Dill It Yourself™ Pickle Kits. SUNSET’s latest revolution in flavor created a “Big Dill” at the PMA Fresh Summit last weekend in Orlando. With rave reviews across the board, attendees delighted in the product’s convenience, ingenuity, and of course, flavor. And the icing on the cake? Fresh Summit honored the new Dill It Yourself™ Pickle Kits with a PMA Impact Award as well as a Best of Show award for Best Product Promo.

George Szczepanski, Director of Business Development, PMA“PMA is proud to award SUNSET® with the Impact Award for the Dill It Yourself™ Pickle Kit,” shared George Szczepanski, Director of Business Development for PMA. “Consumers are looking for fun and easy ways to engage with produce, and responding to that demand with creative packaging and design is a way that we, as an industry, can work to increase consumption.”

The coveted PMA Impact award is based on marketing, food safety, supply chain efficiency/functionality, sustainability, and consumer convenience while the award for Best Product Promo recognized its unique merchandising displays. SUNSET® designed a portable island unit, which includes a self-playing video display to communicate usage to attendees in a fun, interactive way.

Paul Mastronardi, CEO, Sunset“The beauty is its simplicity,” shared CEO Paul Mastronardi. “Consumers are looking for convenient ways to take the pickling trend home, and this is the perfect solution.”

The SUNSET® Dill It Yourself™ Pickle Kit was created as a convenient at-home pickling experience, according to a press release.

 With the pickling and fermenting produce trend at an all-time high, this product capitalizes on that growing demand by creating simple, flavorful homemade pickles overnight and comes in a sleek, eye-catching pail. Within the kit are SUNSET® mini cucumbers and a perfectly portioned spice packet.

Pickle-lovers simply need to rinse and slice the cucumbers, add water, vinegar, and spices, and refrigerate overnight…or a minimum of six hours. The result is fresh and crunchy homemade pickles, with incredible flavor; ideal for topping sandwiches or burgers, or just enjoying alone. And it puts the fun of the preparation process right in the consumer’s kitchen.

Congratulations to SUNSET on these coveted awards and for bringing innovation to a whole new level!