Sunview Marketing Announces the Arrival of Sweet Carnival™ Golden Seedless Grapes

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Wed. September 2nd, 2020 - by Jenna Plasterer

MCFARLAND, CA - Having a sweet tooth can be an unquenchable yearning that can lead one to make some questionable nutrition choices—I’m looking at you, leftover cake! However, with Sunview Marketing International’s Sweet Carnival™ golden seedless grapes now available worldwide, those who like to indulge in the sweets aisle have a healthy and delicious option to turn to.

Mitch Wetzel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sunview Marketing International“These amazingly sweet grapes naturally taste like the classic carnival treat you remember,” says Mitch Wetzel, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We have been getting an amazing number of calls from customers and consumers anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Sweet Carnival this season. While traditional carnivals and fairs have been postponed this year, Sweet Carnival can give you that classic carnival treat for in-home snacking.”

Sweet Carnival grapes are known for their unique flavor and eye-catching golden color. They were originally developed using traditional grape breeding methods that have been around for centuries, according to a press release. The grapes offer up a non-GMO sweet treat for those in search of a sugary, but health-conscious, snack to partake in.

Sunview Marketing International announced that its Sweet Carnival™ golden seedless grapes will now be available worldwide

“The color is the sign we look for and then we know the grapes are perfect,” explains Wetzel. “This morning I was out looking at the grapes, and the aroma during my walk through the vineyard took me back to memories of my childhood at the state fair, walking past vendors selling their sticky, sweet-spun sugar treats.”

While the traditional carnival atmosphere is out of the question under quarantine guidelines, there is no need to fret as retailers can step in to provide consumers with the nostalgic flavors of the fair in the produce aisles. The Sweet Carnival grapes will be available starting in September and will continue to ship into December.

If you want to become the ringmaster of retail, make sure to place your orders for Sweet Carnivals and see customers coming from all around to see the golden spectacle of these wonderful grapes.

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