Trinity Fruit Company Launches Season's Harvest Box

Thu. December 3rd, 2020
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

FRESNO, CA - What is the happy medium between online shopping and being in the store to shop? This has been the space farmers markets have filled, a space that consumers miss for the spontaneous inspiration from sellers to the close-to-the-farm feel. Coming soon from Trinity Farms, a Season’s Harvest Box brings these to the West Coast as the company looks to inspire consumers.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“Our hope is to share the fruits of our labor with others and encourage healthy snacking! The Central Valley has so many fruit options and we are happy to deliver them safely to the doorsteps of consumers,” Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, shared.

Angela tells me how, with seasonal fruits consumers might not have thought to try and recipes to help familiarize them, she and the team hope to deepen its partnership with retailers by inspiring consumers to go into the store looking for new items they now know how to utilize.

Coming soon from Trinity Farms is a Season’s Harvest Box to inspire healthy snacking for consumers

Having launched this month, the pilot will initially serve California metropolitans, such as Los Angeles County and Silicon Valley, but with skyward potential once the rollout has found and smoothed any potential bumps.

Utilizing its established influencer network, Trinity Fruit is looking to inspire and diversify fruit consumption. Will this bloom into even more potential partnerships? The team assures me there is much to look out for as we bid 2020 farewell.

Trinity Fruit Company