Trinity Fruit Company's Angela Hernandez Provides an In Depth Look at Packaging and Merchandising Strategies

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Mon. June 28th, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

FRESNO, CA - Just as an outfit can influence someone’s first impression of a person, packaging helps shape consumers’ perception of a product—which is why it’s important for suppliers to put their best foot forward when it comes to choosing innovative, eye-catching designs. To get an idea about what goes into the perfect packaging, I got in touch with Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing at Trinity Fruit Company, to see how the grower’s unique options drive shopper loyalty for the company and buyers.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“What makes Trinity Fruit different is our flexibility when it comes to working with retail customers—we are always up for their ideas and working together to make a great product presentation in the marketplace,” says Angela.

Trinity Fruit not only has “Fruit for Every Season,” but packaging for every season, too. Carrying VF, one- and two-layer cartons, pouch bags, consumer packages, and more, Trinity is ready to make any produce packaging a dream come true. Additionally, the grower’s marketing team provides access to immediate POS material, retail marketing plans, and packaging development, amongst other services.

Furthermore, Angela tells me that Trinity not only meets the needs of buyers, but caters to shoppers as well.

“When creating design concepts for packaging, I am always thinking of the consumer—who they are; what will attract them; and what I, as a consumer, look for when shopping. I think that’s key. It’s easy to continue the same old way of doing things, but making the investment to evolve with shopping trends and staying in the know with what attracts the ever-changing consumers is essential,” Angela explains.

Trinity Fruit Company continues to back buyers with multiple packaging and merchandising options

With the goal to present the best products possible in the best way possible, Trinity has a wide variety of merchandising displays to help buyers boost produce aisle traffic as well. Offering pop-up display bins for its stonefruit, pomegranates, and dried pomegranate seeds, the colorful merchandising tools are sure to grab the attention of shoppers passing by, creating impulse buys.

In addition to traditional packaging concepts, as sustainability continues to take precedent for environmentally conscious consumers, it is important for buyers to appeal to these shoppers through innovation. And, when it comes to eco-friendly options, Trinity Fruit has retailers covered.

“Trinity Fruit is part of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which allows us to have access to the How2Recycle® label on our packaging,” continues Angela. “This label communicates the recycling instructions of the package to the consumer and is a great way for Trinity to help the recycling stream by educating on proper disposal.”

Wielding versatility and a keen insight into the needs of consumers, Trinity Fruit is an optimal partner for buyers as they look to create register rings in the produce department, so reach out to a sales rep today.

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