Triple H Produce Introduce New Mobile App for Growers

Mon. August 14th, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

PHARR, TX - Always a company committed to helping its growers thrive, Triple H Produce has prepared a new mobile app designed to transform how communication and collaboration flows between the two. Scheduled to be available for download in September, Triple H’s new app will allow its associated growers to track their products in real-time, as well as monitor location, load status, and selling price.

Allan Cardel, I.T. Manager, Triple H Produce

“The project came to be out of the need to provide our growers with real-time information in the easiest possible ways,” explained I.T. Manager Allan Cardel. “With this technology, we can provide better business tools for growers, giving them more control and a better service.”

A Screenshot from Triple H Produce's New App

According to a press release, the new Triple H App offers the following features:

Real-Time Tracking:

Accurate information of product status and location

Inventory Monitoring:

Data on the conditions of the product on the facility from where it will be sold, including photographic evidence of shipment arrivals

Account Statements:

Sale prices, expenditures, and financial breakdowns according to the shipment’s status, including sold, settled, and pending settlement


Communication from within the app with executives for comments, inquiries, or clarifications

Developed by Lucidum, Grupo Triple H’s most recently added company, the Triple H app marks one of the duo’s first collaborations.

As a company, Lucidum is dedicated to developing apps, cloud-based technology infrastructure solutions (SalesForce), ERP, BPM, geo-location, and cold chain solutions for Grupo Triple H.

Once launched this September, each of Triple H’s Associated Growers will be able to download it on iOS, Android, or as a web version.

Triple H Produce