Veggies From Mexico's Georgius Gotsis Talks Unique Differentiation of Sinaloa, Mexico, Growing Region

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Wed. March 8th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

SINALOA, MEXICO - Sometimes a central part of a company’s message and vision stems from the ground on which it walks. For Veggies From Mexico, this is especially true. I spoke with Georgius Gotsis, Chief Executive Officer, to learn about the multiple ways in which Sinaloa, Mexico, is the beating heart of the operation.

Georgius Gotsis, Chief Executive Officer, Veggies From Mexico“Sinaloa has been a pioneer in the production of Mexican vegetables for export markets,” he told me. “At the beginning of the last century, the first tomatoes from this valley were brought to the United States. Sinaloa gradually became a winter garden for the entire North American region, and today is the undisputed leading state in the supply of tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers during the winter season.”

Georgius noted that roughly 50 percent of the tomatoes consumed during these months are from Sinaloa.

“Sinaloa exports around $1 billion dollars worth of vegetables in a semester, feeding millions of families. It should be noted that these vegetables are produced under high standards of food safety and social responsibility, but above all with a lot of love. The same salad that a Wall Street trader in New York eats in January is the same salad that our growers' grandchildren eat every night,” Georgius added.

For Veggies From Mexico, Sinaloa, Mexico, is the beating heart of its operations, exporting around $1 billion dollars worth of vegetables in a semester

Sinaloa is a rich tapestry of business activity, tourism, music, sports, and food. The Mexican state is of great pride to those who live there, as its pioneering spirit has inspired millions. As Georgius shared with me, “in Sinaloa we do it all!”

“Sinaloa is a mixture of flavors, colors, smells, and traditions.,” he said. “Sinaloa is that tomato you eat on your hamburger. Sinaloa is the bell peppers in the salad. Sinaloa is a spicy sauce. Sinaloa is delicious, healthy, hearty food. Sinaloa is Veggies from Mexico.”

A love letter to the state and to the food it provides!

We’ll continue to report on the ins and outs of operations like Veggies From Mexico, so keep your eye out for AndNowUKnow.

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