Victoria Lopez and Jason Knowles Divulge Packaging Insights and Innovations With Fox Packaging, Fox Solutions™, and Redpack®

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Mon. October 10th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

MCALLEN, TX - With a need to do better for our world, Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions™ have put recyclability and sustainability as imperative goals, and it is helping its partners make their own goals a reality. I got in touch with Victoria Lopez, Marketing Manager for Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions™, and Jason Knowles, Applications Manager for Redpack®, to get a deeper understanding of how these industry names position themselves as an incremental part of the supply chain.

Victoria Lopez, Marketing Manager, Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions™“By considering recyclability as an alternative, brands typically review its existing packaging program to make incremental, yet substantial, changes,” Victoria explains. “Sometimes, brands may already have packaging that is the most sustainable option for its specific commodity. Other instances, the messaging itself can be edited to better explain the packaging choice. Including iconography like the How2Recycle logo communicates a brand’s disposition toward innovation, continuous improvement, and transparency.”

Communication is critical to competitiveness, and convenience is a result of thoughtful product design, Victoria tells me. This year, Fox Solutions entered a partnership with Redpack to bring new packaging solutions to customers. Open and conducive discussions with both teams help flesh out specific needs that can either be solved through packaging or by packing equipment. Such methods include Flow Wrap Solutions.

Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions™ are continuing their partnership with Redpack® to answer specific packaging needs in the industry with their innovative solutions

“Flow-wrapping is an automated packaging process often used to wrap a wide variety of food items using a minimal amount of packaging material,” Jason says. “The benefits of flow-wrap are multifaceted; the packaging materials can be recyclable, home compostable, and available from sustainable sources.”

Some benefits manufacturers can receive from this automation include reduced labor; enhanced efficiency and speed; machinery cost, power consumption, and wrapping materials and costs are lowered; and customers receive the flexibility to wrap many different items on one machine. Retailers will be able to merchandise superb pack presentations that have great artwork and clarity, lower in-store wastage, and experience increased salability and faster check-out time at the till. All around, the packaging solution helps consumers understand the benefits of the product information with increased product visibility that is easy to open.

The dynamic trio has increased the shelf-life of many perishable items in the produce aisle with advanced solutions, reducing shrink while increasing product visibility

These benefits all lead to an extended shelf-life, product protection in manufacturing, logistical advantages, and in-store and home storage. Highly perishable items such as herbs and leafy greens are some categories flow-wrapping can help reduce shrink in.

“Once harvested, herbs and leafy greens quickly dehydrate, losing taste and moisture on the way to retail shelves,” continues Jason. “By flow-wrapping them in laser perforated film, we are controlling the atmosphere around the produce. The laser perforations act as a one-way barrier allowing the produce to respire. This helps retain moisture; delay ripening; and maintain color, texture, and visual appeal.”

The team maintains a tremendous sense of urgency with a drive pointed toward innovation. Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions are dedicated to being like-minded partners for its customers, acting as a resource while also driving forward innovation and initiative.

Flow-wrapping helps herbs and leafy greens retain their taste and moisture throughout its adventure along the supply chain

“By becoming a member of How2Recycle, we are ensuring our customers’ products stay on the shelf with a label that is included in the retailer’s sustainability agenda,” Victoria notes. “As a domestic packaging partner, Fox Packaging can alleviate the expenditure and lead times when compared to imports. With many companies experiencing challenges among current supply chain issues, partnering with Fox can be a solution to these industry hurdles.”

As shoppers opt for more conscientious products, find out how companies in our industry continue to lead the charge.

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