Vision Import Group Raises the Bar in Fresh Produce Departments

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Wed. April 22nd, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

HACKENSACK, NJ - With the promise of excellence in customer service, unwavering support for retail partners, and the commitment to superior quality through a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, Vision Import Group is raising the bar in fresh produce departments and putting its stamp on the shopping experience. Welcome, to What’s in Store.

As our program moves through winter and into spring, limes are always top of mind as the largest of our offerings. The Argentinean lemon season will also start in early May and will be available into early August, placing us in a great transition period with the Mexican campaign, which runs through December. Additionally, we are seeing promotable supplies as we enter our third season of organic lemons.

Vision Import Group's limes are gearing up for the start of the season with its Argentinean lemon season starting in May as well

Vision Import Group is also kicking off our Mexican Mango season, which begins in late winter and spring and extends all through summer. Begin planning your programs to tap these promotional opportunities and leverage this coveted category!

As always, our consistent and quality supplies expand across various shipping points and are supported by our unfailing partnerships with growers—all while adhering to the highest food safety standards.

Vision Import Group is also kicking off its Mexican Mango season, which begins in late winter and spring

To assist our customers on the produce floor, we offer an array of packaging options for our Vision Import Group limes and lemons, with unique retail bags that create valuable opportunities for retailers to set up secondary displays and cross-merchandise with other commodities within their department or throughout the store.

Vision Import Group also offers an array of packaging options for its retail partners as well as promotional opportunities

Engaging the consumer begins with the eyes, and customer loyalty stirs with the palate. After all, “We all have to eat,” so why not do it well?

During this time, Vision would also like to thank all of the hardworking frontline workers in the food industry to keep the shelves full of produce.

Thank you for watching What’s in Store.

Vision Import Group