West Pak Launches 'AVO-Opportunities' Campaign

Wed. April 18th, 2018
- by Robert Schaulis     

MURRIETA, CA - In order to celebrate and shed light on its new website, video storytelling experience, and retail program, West Pak Avocado has introduced AVO-opportunities—a comprehensive company-wide marketing campaign.

George Henderson, Marketing Manager, West Pak“The goal with our new website is to offer a marketing resource center for growers, distributors, customers, and the trade,” said Marketing Manager George Henderson. “Now, our various departments are able to translate the over-reaching ‘Avocado Family’ theme for the company onto this website and to use it as a resource for all aspects of business. The AVO-opportunities campaign, which celebrates the West Pak website, video, and retail program launch, also signifies a new era for our global avocado company. With this unveiling, we look forward to a bright and innovative future as the first family of avocados.”

Spearheaded by George, West Pak’s new website, video, and AVO-opportunities campaign are the product of a collaborative effort between various departments within the company and external specialists. In addition to web development, Visual Content Agency, a digital marketing firm in Carlsbad, California, produced the corporate video, web assets, and digital marketing campaign.

According to the company’s press release, its newly redesigned online presence features essential branding and company information for the premium avocado supplier and offers a look inside the legacy, knowledge, and innovation of the first family of avocados. Offering an overview of West Pak facilities and sourcing locations, departments and key personnel, products and brands, a grower resource center, and a comprehensive careers microsite that supports human resources and employee recruitment, West Pak’s new website is a user and mobile friendly website is designed to be a living experience for West Pak’s audience and offers fresh company and industry blog content and social media feed.

West Pak Avocado

The West Pak website also showcases the company’s new retail program, which offers customized solutions for client marketing and sales strategies. Viewers can learn more about the company and opt-in for more information—allowing for a unique chance to chat with West Pak’s avocado experts on and offline.

Additionally, a new company video entitled Growing a Ripe Legacy offers a storytelling experience that details the organization’s humble beginnings, current innovation, and critical stakeholders.

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West Pak Avocado