Western Veg-Produce Announces Stake Acquisition in We Love Berries; David Ollivier Details

Tue. September 5th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

BAKERSFIELD, CA - A significant milestone has led Western Veg-Produce to even more growth in the berry industry. The company has announced it successfully acquired a substantial stake in berry provider We Love Berries.

David Ollivier, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Western Veg-Produce“We Love Berries has been a stalwart in the berry industry for many years, offering access to unparalleled soil quality in the ideal climate of Santa Maria,” David Ollivier, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Western Veg-Produce, shared. “This acquisition marks a significant step forward, as it contributes substantial acreage for summer and fall plantings, augmenting our quality portfolio and reinforcing our market presence in the berry category. Importantly, it brings us closer to realizing our overarching objective of securing a year-round supply of premium berries, with Santa Maria as our cornerstone.”

With over two decades of experience in the berry business, Western Veg-Produce has consistently grown premium UC varieties while pioneering specialty varieties known for their exceptional taste, shape, and color. This strategic acquisition further bolsters the company’s capabilities by augmenting its berry acreage, enhancing soil quality, and elevating product standards. As noted in the release, the acquisition also propels the company closer to fulfilling its commitment to ensuring year-round berry supply for its valued customers.

Western Veg-Produce has announced it successfully acquired a substantial stake in berry provider We Love Berries

Western Veg-Produce takes immense pride in its commitment to vertical integration, encompassing every aspect from logistics to cutting-edge cooling and packing facilities. This approach allows the provider to deliver an all-encompassing, controlled experience for its growers and associates, thereby maximizing its ability to provide top-notch offerings to customers.

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