Wild Flower Vineyards and Atlas Produce & Distribution Bring Boutique-Style Grapes to Market

Thu. July 2nd, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

BAKERSFIELD, CA - To eat grapes in the summer is pure bliss in my opinion. The ripe globes kissed by the summer sun fresh from the vine sparks many nostalgic memories for me on my grandpa’s farm. Each crunchy grape from the bag still brings back those feelings, and Wild Flower Vineyards—alongside Atlas Produce & Distribution—is turning those memories into a reality.

The boutique-style grape grower is gearing up for its harvest this season. Focusing on high-quality grapes, Wild Flower Vineyards will be servicing wholesale and retail customers as well as exporting to markets worldwide.

Wild Flower Vineyards, which will be exclusively marketed by Atlas Produce & Distribution, is bringing a host of California table grapes to market this season as it kicks off its harvest

Come July 13, the vineyard will be harvesting Flames, Summer Royals, and Sugraones. According to a press release, Wild Flower will be one of the earliest growers to bring Scarlet Royals with ample volume. Other varieties that Wild Flower grows are Autumn King, Autumn Royals, and Great Greens.

The grower will be shipping California table grapes from July to November under the Wild Flower Vineyards brand that will be exclusively marketed by Atlas Produce & Distribution.

Retailers, get in your orders before they’re all gone! As summer ripens up, so will fresh produce news, so keep coming back to AndNowUKnow for more updates in the industry.

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