Ippolito's Commodity Manager Bill Vargas Discusses Broccoli Production

Fri. August 11th, 2017
- by Robert Schaulis     

SALINAS, CA – With summer’s searing temperatures behind us and consumers entertaining and making summer salads and spreads, broccoli is in high demand, and Ippolito International, year-round grower of the much-beloved veggie, is primed to meet demand.

Bill Vargas, Sales/Lettuce & Broccoli Commodity Manager, Ippolito International “On broccoli we are right on schedule,” say Bill Vargas, Sales/Lettuce & Broccoli Commodity Manager. “So far demand has been steady, and with lighter plantings during the summer months we are keeping up with our supply. Ippolito has a balanced program between contracts and our core business.”

Even after an almost unprecedentedly-wet spring and a record-breaking summer heatwave, Bill tells me that Ippolito’s broccoli supply, currently growing in the Salinas Valley, is ample and in excellent quality. Despite minor complications from summer heat on occasion, the company is well-equipped to meet consumer demand and offer promotional opportunities to drive sales throughout the produce department.

Ippolito Broccoli

Bill explains, “Our weekly volume on broccoli has been right on schedule with where we should be this time of year. Overall, we have had good-quality and volume to take care of our customer’s needs. During the Summer months, there are many items to choose from when it comes to promoting. When we have promotable volume on broccoli, we offer ad suggestions that may work as a good tie into other items.”

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